Mentoring & Executive Coaching

We’re here to help students/young professionals succeed. Any individual may book an appointment for free and confidential career, personal, educational or cultural counseling.

Our counseling services include:

Career Counseling
There is nothing worse than working at a job you don’t enjoy. Career Counseling can help you to:

  • Identify a career direction or educational program which matches your interests, aptitude, skills, work values and preferences
  • Research occupations
  • Use labor market information
  • Set career goals
  • Make informed career and life decisions.

Educational Counseling
Educational counseling addresses matters of students who are experiencing personal, social, educational or behavioral problems. These might include:

  • College/University adjustment
  • Time management and procrastination
  • Learning styles
  • Exam or public-speaking anxiety
  • Coping with test anxiety
  • Reducing exam anxiety
  • Educational decision-making
  • Conflicts in the classroom or with the instructor
  • Withdrawal from courses.

Workplace Counseling
Workplace counseling will help you to:

  • Learn how to progress in a professional life
  • Reduce workplace stress
  • Improves your soft skills
  • Manage conflicts
  • Team building
  • Attitude building

Personal Counseling
Personal counseling enables you to:

  • Develop skills necessary for personal change
  • Address issues interfering with success in college and life
  • Learn and apply effective coping strategies
  • Resolve personal difficulties
  • Reduce stress, manage depression, deal with grief and loss
  • Improve self-confidence, relationships and health
  • Create balanced lifestyles

Cultural Counseling
Cultural counseling enables you to:

  • Cope with the shock of leaving your family, home and culture
  • Adjust to the challenges of a new life
  • Learn new communication and lifestyle skills
  • Manage stress and uncertainty
  • Increase your confidence in order to be successful in your academic and professional life