Human Development

People are real wealth of nations. Human development refers to development of the individuals within organizations in ways that help them in meeting current and future challenges at the workplace. It is thus about enlarging human capabilities. Development of the workforce leads to their satisfaction and the ensuing loyalty to the organization. Developing their potentials and excelling at them brings about an overall shift in attitude towards the work place itself, increased commitment and satisfaction. Realization of their full potential results in a more confident workforce through alignment of organizational goals with personal interests and needs. Bridging this gap is important for the growth of the organization itself. Knowledge Kottage provides a framework for helping people develop their skills, knowledge and abilities in the light of market requirements through training, career development, coaching & mentoring programmes.

Knowledge Kottage develop these training programs on the basis of organizational needs, so that the organization and individual employees may accomplish their work goals in line with the requirements of customers.

Human Development includes
• Corporate trainings

Knowledge Kottage intends to provide professional development through its training programs which ensures that employees improve their skills and enhance performance. We utilize our training program to develop new skills in employees; equip current employees with more effective skills and help them in their professional growth so that they can compete with the fast changing environment in a better manner. We ensure through our training programs that trainees are imparted with adequate knowledge and techniques in order to perform effectively.

• Customized trainings

Standardized training material may sometime fall short of your goals. Therefore our customized training program is developed to meet your unique needs and allow for the best possible development within your organization. The Customized Training at Knowledge Kottage stands ready to serve the educational and professional needs of organizations and individuals according to their specific needs in relation to content, time, delivery method and learning outcomes. Customized Training can be offered in our specialized training facilities or at your location, or online.

• Individual trainings

We also offer one to one instructor led training to deal with specific issues. We can help figure out best solutions for particular tasks and give you a strategy for how best to pursue your goals. This includes personality and career development issues. Getting the right professional advice from the start will certainly be well worth the investment.

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